The Benefits of Online Backup

In addition to eliminating costs associated with additional hardware, online backup is safe, convenient, and provides “anywhere access.”

Online backups are safe because your backups are not stored in a location close to your computer. If a flood or fire destroys your computer, chances are your local backups could be destroyed too.

Online backup is also convenient because you can back up your data automatically whenever you have internet access — and recover it too. This eliminates the “OMG moment” when you wonder when you backed up last. With online backup, data can be backed up to a safe, remote location as it is saved to your computer.

Finally, you can backup, have access to, and recover your data anywhere you have an internet connection. For example, you are on vacation and your laptop fails. Instead of waiting to get home to access your data stored on a local backup drive, you can use another computer to view your data or even download your data to your repaired or replacement laptop.

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