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Imagine about how bad it feels to lose all your data, all those precious moments of loved ones and memories all on your laptop to have the harddrive crash or stolen, now imagine if you were the one who helped Auntie Gertrude backup those priceless memories, and restore it when her first generation laptop dies, feels good right? Now imagine you got paid for it at the same time! Simply sign up for an account for yourself and click the "Affiliate" link in the top bar on you account page and activate your affiliate account. Once your account has been enabled, you will be preseneted with a weblink to use when signing up your friends and family of which we will keep track of the accounts you refer and pay you out 10% of those accounts!

Protect your Clients and get Paid

Our history as Backupberrians stems from a long lineage of I.T. support, so trust us when we say, we know people never listen when you tell them to "Make sure you have a backup". Now you dont have to wait for them. All you have to do is signup for a package, and activate your affiliate account by clicking the "Affiliate" tab at the top bar in your client portal, and then send your clients your affiliate URL, or better yet, do it for them! With their consent ofcourse. It's that simple, now you sit back, with piece of mind that your clients data is safe and secure from all these nasty online threats as well as physical damage and watch your bank account grow!

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